Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this just theory or will I actually build new skills?
We’re all about application. At each meeting, you’ll get our Breakthrough Tools that provide frameworks for achieving your goals: communicating, influencing others, building collaboration, prioritizing, managing performance, time management, and more.
Do I have a chance to talk about specific opportunties and challenges I face?
Absolutely! We start each session with “How Was Your Month?” This is your opportunity to talk about the new things you’ve tried, as well as to ask for feedback and advice from your peers. Participants report that this is often their favorite part of each session.
Do I have to attend every session?
Yes, we cover a lot of content in each session. Plus, your peers count on you to contribute to the group’s discussion. We understand that vacations and work commitments sometimes get in the way. But, our participants find that this is the highlight of their month and don’t miss a minute!
How do you determine what topics are covered?
No two groups of Aspiring Executives are ever alike. We meet with you and your supervisor before the program starts to learn about your goals and your needs. Then, we tailor the program based on the unique needs of the group. We’ll also hold a wrap up meeting with you and your supervisor to celebrate your successes and ensure your development continues for the long-term.
How do the coaching sessions work?
You’ll have four one-on-one meetings with your coach throughout the process. During these meetings, you can discuss unique opportunities and issues that pertain just to you. You’ll get advice for solving your toughest problems. And, we’ll hold you accountable for making the changes you want to make.
What is a typical full-day session like?
We start each session with “How Was Your Month?” which is your chance to share your successes and to ask your peer group for advice. You’ll use various assessments to learn how to capitalize on your talents to achieve your goals. We’ll share best practice techniques in leadership, team and organizational development. And, you’ll participate in case studies, interactive activities, and more to build new skills.